Business Donors

Your financial donation will go toward building and maintaining our foundation at Havens in order to serve our clients and continued outreach to raise awareness of hidden abuse in affluent relationships.

Individual Donor

There are multiple ways to donate:

 A financial donation will help Havens to move our clients more confidently into a healthier life.


 A donation of time and venue by hosting a luncheon or dinner as a fundraising event where individuals gather in a home, a private dining room, or other quiet location for an evening of food and shared conversation with a purpose. Other attendees will include representatives from Havens. In that safe and comfortable setting, we will explain Havens’ goals and need in order to continue to serve our clients and community.

Professional Resources

At Havens Community Connections each client is supported by a personal coach and support network that provide security and guidance in creating her own healthy and safe haven. Resources needed—but not limited to—include: legal, financial, and mental health services.

You can also be trained as a Havens Coach or work within Havens’ support community.

If your business provides a service that supports our clients please consider partnering with Havens Community Connections.


Main Office: (425) 753-8700