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About Havens Community Connections

Havens Community Connections is an organization that exists to help women in affluent marriages build a safe exit strategy out of the domestic abuse cycle.

Havens Community Connections is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization in Washington State.

Our founder and Executive Director has survived domestic abuse and is now thriving. She created Havens Community Connections to break the silence of hidden abuse in affluent relationships and help every woman build a ‘life raft’ to a safe and healthy future.

How we are unique


Connections to Havens are made through confidential resources within the community.


Once your safety is established, an assessment is conducted through a discreet intake process. We evaluate your circumstances to determine a proper fit, and you will be matched with a Havens’ coach that best meets your needs.


Many of our coaches are domestic abuse survivors and can truly understand your concerns. Their unique experience and professional training will ensure support of your situation.


Havens has established a connection with a team of vetted resources including legal, financial, and counseling professionals. Based on your needs, your coach will put you in touch with these resources to help you build a ‘life raft’ to reach a safe and healthier future.